So bad news for Berserk fans all over the world, author Miura Kentarou passed away recently. If you’re unfamiliar, Berserk is one of the best manga of all time. It’s literally the highest-rated manga on MAL. Berserk is known for its dark and complex plot and it has really good characters as well. The manga has been going on since August 1989. It has a few anime adaptations but none of them managed to capture the manga properly.

Well, we aren’t here to talk about the Manga today. So

How and when did he pass away?

Miura passed away on 6th May due to an acute aortic dissection. He was 54 years old. The official announcement of his passing away was made today (20th May). His funeral was held privately by his family members. His publisher, Hakusnesha posted the official announcement and thanked all readers for enjoying his content. This man was truly a legend and his passing is a huge loss for all of us.

A little information about Miura-sensei

Berserk Author Miura Kentarou Passed Away

Miura-sensei was born in Chiba City in 1966. This guy, created his 1st work when he was just 12 and it spanned 40 volumes! This said work was called Miuranger and was published in his school’s magazine. At the age of 18, he worked as an assistant for Hajime no Ippo creator Morikawa George. George sensei dismissed him a little while later in full anime style “there nothing I can teach you that you don’t already know”. In 1985, he began working on his first serialized work called Noa. The manga was stalled and later dropped because of the difference in opinion of Miura and his Editor.

In 1988 he published a sort of prototype of Berserk in monthly comicomi. He began his career proper began from the next year after he graduated from college. He was working simultaneously on Ourou and Berserk on the monthly animal house. Also, he published the first volume of Berserk in November 1990 with very limited success.
He continued working and when the Golden Age Arc of Berserk came out in 1992, Berserk and Miura rose in popularity like nothing. Golden Age arc is one of the best arcs of Berserk and the story keeps getting better and better from that point on. Berserk is truly a masterpiece we will never get to see the ending of.


I am really sad because of this news. Miura sensei was a legend and Berserk was a masterpiece. You can literally feel how much effort he put into it. If you have read the manga, this news is bound to make you sadder. Someone who has not read Berserk will never be able to appreciate all the work put into it. Miura sensei passed away at a relatively young age and he really was a gifted person. May his soul rest in peace.
This is all I gave for now. I am deeply saddened by his death so I won’t tell you to do the usual stuff. I will take my leave here; y’all take care and see ya.

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