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Attack on Titan wrapped up the first installment of its third season with an intensely dramatic finale ?. While fans are still contemplating the airing date of its next season, you will have to give it to this anime: that it has sailed across three successful seasons preps it up into a league only few anime have had the honor of being hoisted to in the present times?‍♀️.

Sure long anime runs were not unheard of in the past. But given the testing media market today, it is not uncommon to find animes dying a slow death after season two or even after the first season. This happens due to various reasons, be it lack of content from the manga or poor viewership ratings ? . Anyhow, fans have showered enough love on Attack of Titans to bring it all the way to the end of Season 3?!

To commemorate this milestone, we bring you a collection of unique art tutorials by such fans. Let them teach you some different ways to manifest your love for the anime and its iconic characters?!

Eren Yeager: Human Form ?

~How to Draw Eren Jaeger- Attack on Titan- Video Lesson

By: Cartooning 4 Kids | How to Draw on YouTube

We begin with Eren Yeager, a character whose name has become almost synonyms to the anime itself. Remember those days when Eren served as the member of the Survey Corps? He was a fairly simple looking, everyday young guy determined to serve his people. If you’re a novice at drawing, Cartooning 4 Kids’?  Eren Yeager tutorial is for you.

With a simple black marker, the artists just gets Eren’s eyes? and his jawline right and everything else about the drawing falls into place. With narratives guiding you through each line and curve, Cartooning 4 Kids’ Eren tutorial is pretty much what a beginner can use to easily get Attack on Titan’s protagonist right?.

Attack on Titan Img 1

~ Eren Yeager

By: @anurag_and_pencil on Instagram

His Titan Form  ?

~ How To Draw Titan Eren From Attack On Titan

By: JollyArts on YouTube

However, things get really intense when Eren turns into a fierce and a violent Titan. That’s the real deal!

From afar, putting Eren’s Titan form to paper may seem complex but JollyArts makes it look like a cakewalk?! He just starts by drawing a basic face with shoulder-length long hair surrounding a sharp jawline. The Titan Eren manifests sharp ears and tongue. Much of the lower part of his face is covered with his lipless mouth? exposing his sharp, monstrous teeth?. Pay special attention to the Titan’s aggressive, sunken, eye-browless eyes. They make your character’s face come alive!

Next, his body is nothing but a muscular mass with bulky muscles protruding out from all over his shoulders and his chest. His abs are covered in multiple, small packs. As you can observe in the drawing, there is a thin, gray gap where his chest is finely divided into the left and the right portion. You can highlight this region to add a depth effect there. Finish this up with shading highlights or simply outline it with a black marker pen ✒️ and there you go! You have successfully and accurately drawn the anime’s main protagonist in his monster form!

~Draw This Again! – Art Challenge! – (2 Years of Art Improvement)

By: Jordan Persegati on YouTube

Levi Ackerman and Lessons in Art ?

Step-by-step tutorials 1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣ such as these make it really easy for you. These are perfect for beginners. And as and when you’ve dealt a fair hand at anime drawings, you’ll discover that it starts coming naturally to you! Our artist Jordan Persegati drew Levi Ackerman, yet another series’ fan-favorite. Further, he compared his art to a similar drawing he had completed almost two years ago?. This unique way of reviewing his art provided him with some important insights. As he goes about his tutorial, he offers priceless advices to other anime artists as well?‍?! .

“I don’t have to pause and think about what colors and techniques to use. It just comes naturally to me and I know it through experience. As you gain knowledge of your craft, it brings about confidence, and with confidence comes speed.”

These golden words reflect in his drawing. He varies the thickness of the artwork in some places to make its line-work more dynamic and life-like. As opposed to his two-year-old art, he colors the left part of Levi’s face in shadow and imparts highlights to the right part to yield a depth-effect. The blood dripping on the top of it is a little bit more intense in color and texture, especially in places where it apparently oozes out from Levi’s face. He has picked up effects such as the dripping effect and the smokey effect (one he has used as Levi’s background in this artwork).

Hold on though! As much as he encourages experimenting, he also advises on imparting a certain consistency across your drawings to make your portfolio? consistent. He now uses the white gel pen to impart a texture to the character’s hair. Notice how he was confused with Levi’s hair color through the drawing, but he eventually managed to make it jet-black ?. “Everything should come together in the end”, is the lesson he conveys.

Don’t You Leave Behind Our Fierce Female Warriors Though?‍♂️! (An Exploration of Effects)

~Speed Drawing – Mikasa Ackerman (Attack On Titan 2) [HD]

By: Art by Amy on YouTube

Once you pick up, you can easily prep up your own version of art! Amy from Art by Amy beautifully draws, outlines, and colors her version of Mikasa Ackerman. The drawing has been conjured up in such a way that Mikasa’s soldier attire with the Survey Corp’s symbol at the back of her beige jacket? steals the show. Amy uses a paintbrush? to create a dramatic windy-grey atmosphere in the drawing?. With her hair and the scarf around her neck waving in the right direction, Amy eruditely shows you how to add atmospheric motion effect ??   to a drawing.

You can also create mood effect ☺️☹️ in the drawing through the covers Annie Leonhart sketch. @siksketch’s rendition of Annie Leonhart, the beautifully remorse female titan is simple. And yet, it has a brooding air to it. Much of it is due to Annie’s intense face, and the emotionless look in her eyes, an expression that is known to have been her characteristic trait in the anime. The style of shading ? used her is crisscross technique. You can easily pick it up from our shading tutorial.

Season 4: Going on Right Now!

The profound cliff-hanger at which the first installment of the third season has left-off makes one thing certain: Season 3 is going to wrap up soon and we will have a Season 4. The next series of episodes are going to be more intense and even more action-packed?  than their previous installments. Meanwhile, you can dabble in some Titan art as your own tribute to your favorite anime.

Show us what you got in the comments section below???!

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