Attack on Titan Final Season 2nd Part Confirmed

I keep saying this but, this year really keeps getting better and better. So the first half of the final season of Attack on Titan recently ended and the 2nd part was announced as soon as the 1st half ended.

Mappa is really looking to finish Attack on Titan this year which is both good and sad for us Attack on Titan fans as we are getting a sequel soon and also because we are going to see something we have been watching for soo long end before our eyes. So without taking any longer, let’s move forward.

1. What Do We Know About The Sequel?

So 2nd part of Attack on Titan Final season is going to air this winter (same as the First part) which would mean somewhere around December or January which is much closer than I expected as Mappa has a lot of projects on their hands.

Well, the manga is ending this month and I don’t know how many people are looking forward to it (including me).

The first half of the final season ended on chapter 116 and it goes without saying the 2nd half will start from chapter 117 and will go all the way to the end meaning the 2nd half will have around 20-22 episodes not more than 25 in any case.

2. Source Material

I believe the last chapter of the manga will be more than a bit longer than normal ones because there are a lot of things and loose ends that need to be closed. It will really be interesting to see how Isayama Sensei will close all the loose ends.

It is also possible that he may even give us an ending that creates more questions rather than answering them equally likely that this could happen as well. Well, I am not going to spoil what is coming up in the following episode because I am sure a lot of people have not caught up to Attack on Titan yet and it is very fast flowing so telling what happens in the next episode or chapter is equivalent of spoiling.

I highly recommend you read the manga because seeing it animated after reading the manga, is a feeling I can’t describe. It just feels surreal. It will really be interesting how the manga ends while I don’t have any predictions for the ending, it will be something shocking for sure and it will be something that will defy all expectations for sure.

Attack on Titan Final Season

~ Source: Attack on Titan Anime?? 

3. Final Words

So that is all I have for now. The 2nd half of the Final Season will be amazing for sure that I can promise as someone who has read the manga. You can check the announcement video here. Here’s to hoping that Mappa keeps up with amazing works like these in the future too.

Thank you for the continuous support, let me know down in the comments what you think will happen in the last chapter and as always, do not forget to check my other articles and the amazing art section of our website. With that being said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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