Inner desire?. Inspiration?. Imagination?.

These 3 little nuggets of simple advice reflect our artist’s humility yet they completely contrast the world of art in her imaginations ?.  Our artist lives in her own world of anime art and only comes out if you’re willing to commission her work?!

Meet @asunicha or Asu. A 20-year-old self-taught Italian artist with a knack for the traditional style of painting drawings. Armed with her TomBow 0.5 mechanical pencil, some humble watercolors, and the indispensable Copic Markers, she creates this world of art wherein beauty and elegance dwell naturally?. When you come to know that Asu, was in fact, inspired by Sword Art Online’s Asuna, this becomes apparent?.

Most of Asu’s drawings are as elegant as Asuna herself. Her magnum opus, as we see it, is this melancholically beautiful Kaori with a violin from Your Lie in April. The gentle sea blue in Kaori’s uniform harmonizes the pink cherry blossoms in the backdrop?. Her golden, flowing hair makes the wind in the art come alive? . It is almost as if our artist has frozen the beautiful Kaori in her art, just the way fans have immortalized her in their memories.

@asunicha Img 2

~ ZeroTwo from Darling In The Franxx

Talking of elegant females, how can we not seek our darling, Zero Two  ?? Such our artist’s insurmountable love for Zero Two that it has inspired an impeccable fan art! She tells us it took her 35 Copics for her to get Zero Two’s pink and red gradient right ?. But we are sure it took her an equal (if not more) amount of imagination to conceptualize this art, a reflecting Zero Two as we see her with her back turned towards the little, innocent Zero Two clad in grey rags that she once was.

@asunicha Img 3

~ ZeroTwo and Senketsu Crossover from Darling In The Franxx and Kill La Kill

Another Zero Two art from Asu is not as much of Zero Two as it is Sensuke. A smart crossover between the two characters from Darling in the Franxx and the lesser known Kill La Kill, this art is a sly move to combine the seductive expressions from when Zero Two clutches a fish between her lips and removal of the glove cap for the Sensuke transformation ?. To pull off a pencil art like this with such a high level of perfection and precision requires more than just the knowledge of art.

Anatomy is important. Even if it is a drawing, you need to study a lot to produce a very good work. Lights, Anatomy, perspective, emotions, and expressions, only with these things you can produce good work.

@asunicha Img 4

~ Bowsette!

But Asu is not all work. She likes to play around as well! She’s hopped onto the latest bandwagon to have taken the internet by storm: Bowsette. The Bowser in the background makes her Bowette looks a lot fiercer ?! The level of detailing around Bowsette’s hair, especially from where Bowser is peeping out is simply spectacular ?!

@asunicha Img 5

~ Haise Sasaki from Tokyo Ghoul

We were delighted to find a Bowsette art on her timeline so we dug deeper, and guess what! Asu has dabbled in a few anime boys as well! We picked two of our favorites (which we are sure are your favorites too). One of them is this innocent Haise Sasaki from Tokyo Ghoul: Re is wrapped in a kaleidoscopic flood of lightning. The mind-boggling level of detailing in the colors makes it impossible to pick out the shades used here ?!

@asunicha Img 6

~ Todoroki Shouto From Boku No Hero Academia

On a completely contrasting note is this Todoroki Shouto. It has been drawn with just two shades of fire? and ice ?, and yet Asu imparts a similar detailing in them as she has with Sasaki’s lightening ⚡. The burning fire, especially, has a texture to it that completely contrasts the icy blue background.

Given such level of precision, we can say that Asu has come a long way, seeking inspiration from fellow artists Ladowska, Kawanocy, and Vlop, and with a lot of practice at hand. But given that she looks up to the legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki himself, Asu still has a long way to go in this world of art ?️.

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