Right so for our 8th week of the recommendation series; I had to do something close to my heart. Welcome back to our awesome anime recommendation series! As you have read already, we are talking about ReLIFE this week!

ReLIFE is an awesome Slice of Life – Romantic anime. It is just so touching at times and has such a perfect ending. Before we begin, remember this is a recommendation and not a review hence I won’t be pointing out any negatives. Although personally, I don’t think ReLIFE even has any negatives. So let us begin with something light


ReLIFE is of course an anime adaptation of the manga with the same name. It originally aired from 2nd July 2016 to 24th September 2016. It has 13 episodes along 4 with 4 specials that came out on 21st March 2018. The specials have the ending of the series and are appropriately titled “Kanketsu-hen” or “Final Arc”. Making the series 17 episodes long.

ReLIFE has a rather simple plot but the characters are what make ReLIFE worthwhile. The feels will hit you very hard in this anime. As the show progresses, it gets increasingly heavier. Thankfully, it does end on a very positive note. This show is sure to make you cry once or twice.



As I said, ReLIFE has a simple plot. A salary worker named Kaizaki Arata has almost given up on his life after losing his job. He is offered to test a pill that will turn him into a high schooler once again. Arata goes to school and rediscovers himself. He is basically given another shot at life.

The simplicity of this plot allows for the complex interactions and development of the characters in ReLIFE. That is not to say that the plot doesn’t have twists here and there. The twist near the end is something much unexpected.

Another thing I really like about ReLIFE is that at no point will you see Arata struggling to maintain his high school identity. He just needs to take 1 pill a day and you won’t see scenes where he’s desperately running to protect his secret or something like that. This leaves more time for characters.

ReLife Anime

Characters of the anime recommendation series


Finally, we are here. Characters are the selling point of ReLIFE. It doesn’t have a lot of characters but, in exchange, all characters are very well written and well developed. I really love the entire ReLIFE main cast. The people who stand out the most to though are Arata, Chizuru, and Ryou.

I won’t talk about Chizuru here as she has quite a bit of spoilers around her.

Arata is a really good guy; he left his job because the company he worked in didn’t pay any respect to his senior who committed suicide. They continued working as normal and didn’t even address the issue that leads to her suicide. He had completely given up on his life till he met Ryou who offered him to take part in the ReLIFE experiment.

Ryou is Arata’s observer and goes to school with him. Arata constantly works to solve the problems of his classmates all the while learning more about himself and becoming a better person.


ReLIFE has average animations. Nothing really stands out. The animation and the art style are perfect for the story it wants to tell. The animations just work. You know, nothing too crazy.


Why you should watch ReLIFE

Some quick pointers on why you should check this out

  • Beautiful characters
  • Rather short
  • Simple and easy to understand the story
  • Heavy feels
  • One rather unexpected plot twist


That is all for now. I do have something interesting brewing up. so please stay tuned to the website for more content. All the comments and ratings are greatly appreciated be it on the website or IG. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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