Well, that was a long title. So this is another anime stumbled upon thanks to Muse Asia. I have really been enjoying this anime the past few days. It is your standard run-of-the-mill isekai harem anime but, it doesn’t get boring at all for some reason. Maybe it is because the main character is rather different than what you’d expect in an anime like this or maybe it is because of the surprisingly detailed world-building. It is a fun anime nonetheless.

You have read the title; you know this week we are talking about Death March To Parallel World Rhapsody. I will refer to the anime as just Death March from now on just for my convenience. So this anime is pretty fun even though it is exactly what you’d think of. I had lots of fun watching it so let’s talk about it today.


Death March is the anime adaptation of the Light Novel of the same name. The LN is written by Aihana Hiro and illustrated by shri and is still being published. Death March came out in the winter season of 2018 and it is 12 episodes long. It only has one season as of now and I doubt it will get another one. Muse Asia is currently airing this anime on their channel so you can watch it for free right here.

Death March is made by Silver Link studio. It is a fun yet cliché anime. It is different from other isekais in some regards but, in the end, it is still a standard isekai harem. The best point about Death March is that it still manages to keep you invested and entertained despite it going pretty much as you’d expect.


Like all isekai harems of this category, Death March has a pretty straightforward plot. It follows a game developer Suzuki or Satwo, as he goes by in-game as he is trapped in a game he was working on. Well, it is a bit more complicated than that as Satwo himself comments that it looks like a combination of the games he was working on. He ends up getting super OP early on because of the strong AoE spells that were gifted to all players because of issues. The interesting thing is that he keeps all of the stuff from the game despite technically being in an isekai.

Death March creates this interesting dynamic where it is an isekai but it is also sort of a game anime. Kind of like Log Horizon but, the world is unknown to the protagonist. Satwo can level up his skills and other stuff on the go. Access stuff from his inventory and see others’ “profiles”. Of course, this cannot be done by others living there. So this dynamic is fairly interesting. The world-building is really good as well because Satwo likes to ask questions and experiment with his abilities.

Death March


As for the characters, there is nothing special here. Death March has all of your stereotypical isekai characters. Satwo is also your typical good guy MC he is a little more passive than other isekai protagonists. Another thing I like about him is that he is very curious about stuff. This opens up a possibility for a lot of world-building stuff. Curious MCs are always good.

Animations and Soundtracks

Death March has average animations. They are Silver Link standard average meaning they are not bad at all. Nothing too crazy. The same goes for the soundtracks as well, while I like the opening and ending themes there is nothing much of note.

Why you should check out Death March?

Quick pointers on why you should check out this anime:

  • Simple plot
  • Great world building
  • Rather unique MC
  • Really enjoyable


That is it for now. Death March was surprisingly fun for me. I never expected it to turn out as good as it did. Well, let me know your thoughts and recommendation down in the comments below. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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