10 Tutorials to Take Your Anime Drawings to The Next Level

If you are a die-hard anime fan then once in your life you might have thought of drawing something related to anime. When it comes to Anime Drawings things don’t go that easy as compared to simpler drawing styles. Like the methodology for drawing anime girls is completely different as compared to that of anime men. Here we have several step by step Anime Drawing tutorials that will make things easy and serve you well.

Before you start drawing there are some things you will need to know like studying real anatomy and not copying anyone. You should be open to criticism and you should welcome what others have to say about your drawings because it will help you to get better. With no further ado, here are 10 step by step tutorials on Anime drawings to make things easy for you.

1. Anatomy – Quick Tips for Beginners From Learn2DrawManga

First things first, you will have to learn about anatomy if you really want to get great results. You need to keep the anatomy of manga characters looking proportional and for that you will need to take your pencil out and do some real work on the paper. This quick and handy tutorial will walk you through the basic anatomy of manga characters that will help you in drawing the characters better.

2. Drawing an Anime Face By Pndrawing

The male anime face is very similar to the female face but there are some basic differences between the two. The hair of male characters is the one big difference and if you follow this tutorial properly then you will be able to make anime drawings easy which have a male character face.

~ Dr. Stone By @itsdullyart

3. Drawing Anime Characters from Basic Shapes By MikeyMegaMega

So, now let’s talk about how you can draw a basic manga male character with the help of basic shapes. If you are a beginner and you are just starting then this tutorial will definitely help you. You can draw a male character and with basic shapes. You will learn how you can draw a cool skinny teenage boy and a muscular man standing at different angles.

This video is a bit long and the artist will make you understand almost everything that will enable you to draw your first male manga character.

4. Art of Drawing The Manga Female Poses By Nautica Williams

There are four different ways of drawing the Manga Female Poses. You can take your sketchbook out and the artist will make you understand every small thing one by one and when you are done with this tutorial you will be able to draw different females poses. The way this artist explains everything is so beautiful and easy to understand.

5. How to Draw Manga Eyes for The Absolute Beginners By Ninja King

Do you like to draw Manga Eyes? Are you a manga drawing beginner?  Well, if you are then this tutorial is for you. This artist is so good in making you understand the art of drawing Manga Eyes. It doesn’t even matter if you haven’t tried before this video is all that you need.

There are lots of ways given in tutorial that are very helpful in drawing the eyes of a manga character. We all know how important eyes are for the characters as they help to convey meanings and emotions. For example for Kakashi Hatake from Naruto his face used to be covered all the time and it was his eyes who deliver his emotions. So, eyes deserve extra attention because eyes are very important feature of the face.

6. How to Draw A Manga Mouth Mistiqarts

So, from drawing a manga face to manga eyes to manga lips to manga mouth every thing has its importance. So, how can you draw a manga mouth in a best way possible? Well, all you need to do is watch this tutorial and you will learn how you can draw a manga mouth in an efficient way. Though a manga mouth seems simple but it is very difficult to draw and it will require some practice before you get a perfect manga mouth drawing.

7. How to Draw A Basic Manga Girl Christopher Hart

Here you will learn how you can draw a basic manga girl with a step by step guide. You will have to start with the outline of the head. The anime girl usually has big eyes and there will be a lot room for forehead and the hair which is a big feature of a manga girl. Female bodies tend to have an hourglass kind of shape and it is curing in at the stomach and flaring at the hips.

Furthermore, If you are going to draw a young character then you shouldn’t go for long jaws. With some dedication and some practice you will be able to draw a basic manga girl.

8. How to Draw Anime Hair By Talart

So, you are a Dragon Ball fan and you want to draw those Super Saiyans hair too? Well, that isn’t easy but with practice, you can definitely achieve that. You should have a proper plan in your mind when you are going to draw hairs of a character. You will have to start somewhere and it doesn’t matter how clumsy your first try is you can get better with practice.

The visual foundation of the hairstyle matters the most and if you get that right then you have a good chance of getting good results. You should also think of the hair as a solid mass to make anime drawings easy.

9. How to Draw A Male Manga Character By Sophie Chan

Well, drawing an anime male character is difficult as compared to a female one. It can be a real challenge to draw a male anime character. There are some basic steps that you have to follow in order to get that masculine feel.

For more muscular men and skinnier men, bulkier shaped legs are preferred and the straight legs are for the less muscular ones. Compared to female the male body is comparatively larger in size. You should take a look at the existing male anime characters before start drawing.

10. The Art of Shading Anime Drawings

One of the most important parts of anime drawing is shading the anime drawings. You will have to be very careful while shading because shading can make or break your drawing. It helps to make two-dimensional objects look three-dimensional. You can shade anime drawings easy in three different ways and to learn that you will have to spend some time and that will need some practice too.

You can start off by drawing simple objects and practicing basic shading techniques.

In Conclusion

Well, if you are a real anime fan and you want to draw anime characters then you need to give time and will have to do lots of practice. It seems difficult but with practice and dedication, you can master this. All these above videos are highly recommended and these tutorials will definitely help you learn a great deal and you can certainly transform yourself from an average artist into an expert one. This 15 Step by Step Guide has covered different aspects of drawing the anime characters but this is not the end as the tutorials and guides are endless when it comes to drawing the anime characters.

So, what do you think of these tutorials? Comment Below!

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