Anime Boy – 10 Incredible Ways to Draw them

Anime boys rule over half of the anime world.  

Be it Naruto’s nobility, Goku’s gallancy, or Light’s lankiness, there is something about each of them that swoops men and women alike off their feet. Perhaps, it is the unique way in which each one of them is conceptualized that draws audiences in throes to them. They adore, love, admire and sometimes detest these anime boys from the bottom of their heart. 

Do you want to draw an anime boy that has a similar effect on your audience too? Well, you’ll have to go a notch higher than a face with messy hair and slit-eyes over a lanky body to do that. 

Let some of the artwork on anime boys help you out Then, take a look at some Anime Girls as well! 

We’ve handpicked 10 different ways for you to draw anime boys:

~Hinata Shouyou

By: @shunjii_ on Instagram

Drawing a Simple Anime Boy

@shunjii_ draws Haikyū!!’s Shōyō Hinata. He’s a tall and lean boy with messy hair. So naturally, his features are sharp, his fingers tall, and his neck is thin with the bone-lines clearly visible. His messy hair is made up of strokes flying in all possible directions (it’s messy, so you can play with it as much as you want).

With his eyebrows raised, he gives off a serious vibe. To add some more depth to his character, @shunjii_ has used a volleyball as an added prop.

Drawing an Anime Boy with Stark Qualities

It is impossible to confuse Naruto Uzumaki with any other anime boy. Features like his headband with the symbol of the Hyuga clan. And the three whisker marks on both his cheeks are peculiar to his appearance.  In this art by @tareqzardari, Naruto seems to have an angry look on his face.

His drawn eyebrows depict this skillfully. This is because he’s in the “Tailed Beast Sage Mode”. His pupils bearing a trademark cross sign depict so.

Use such peculiar characteristics to breathe life into your anime boy. Make sure you focus on getting them right.

~ Naruto Uzumaki By: 

@tareqzardari on Instagram

Drawing an Anime Boy’s Side Profile

Take a detour for a change and draw an anime boy’s side profile.  @chocolatia_ draws ‘Boku No Hero Academia’s’ Deku. The messy hair takes the same form as in all other anime boys. Focus special attention on getting his sideways nose and lips right. 

Notice how his eyebrows are bent towards the front on the side of his face. And how his pupils are placed in the corner of his eyes.  If there are no peculiar features in your anime boy, you can achieve detailing through his clothes, much like @chocolatia does with Deku.

Anime Boy - Midoriya

~Boku No Hero Academia’s’ Deku

By: @chocolatia_ on Instagram

Drawing an Anime Boy with a Higher Level of Detailing

Do you want your anime boy to kind of ‘come towards’ their audience from the canvass? Take a look at @friky_draws’s Asta. This Asta drawing exhibits a very fine level of detail, right from the hair to the eyes, and the mouth.  The clover in this frame and multiple strokes add to its finishing.

Once you master drawing simple anime boys. You can dive into depths of detailing in both drawing and the character himself to create an unparalleled piece of art.

Anime Boy - Asta


By: @friky_draws on Instagram

Drawing an Anime Boy with His Powers

“Boku No Hero Academia’s” Todoroki Shoto is another interesting anime boy. Because of his half magenta-half white hair carefully parted in the middle, he is also known as a “Half-and-a-Half”. Anime fans know that his quirk makes him half-hot and half-cold and @km.animearts’s anime art brings out his quirks. This artist draws Todoroki normally with using a blue color pencil but fills half of it with red. And keeps the remaining half empty. 

Thus, he exhibits a smart and neat way to use the character’s powers in his drawings, even without colors.

Anime Boy - Todoroki


By: @km.animearts on Instagram

Drawing a Generic Anime Boy’s Face Proportionately

Pen drawing’s “How to Draw Anime Male Face is a no time-lapse video. Showing you how to draw an anime boy’s face in its front profile from start to finish. He uses basic shapes such as two lines and circles to draw the face’s framework. And then personalizes it with his detailing. With his technique, you can get your anime boy’s facial proportions right and then add detailing to it as you like.  

Drawing an Anime Boy with reference to a grid (and coloring it)

Some anime boys, such as those from the Seven Deadly Sins, can be difficult to get right, especially if you’re drawing them from a tilted angle. Youssouf Errougua has used a 12 cm x 12 cm square divided into four 4 cm x 4 cm square blocks to paint a vivid picture of Meliodas. Since he traces his anime boy with reference to the blocks, he gets its facial proportions and position of its features perfectly. So if you have an anime boy you’d like to draw, print out its reference picture and divide it into grids.

Then, trace the grid with the same proportions on a blank sheet. And use the grids of the printed picture to fill the grids on your blank paper.

Once you are satisfied with your anime boy, you can bold its outlines using a high pigment drawing pen and use vivid colors to breathe life into it!

Drawing a Tilted Anime Boy’s Face

If you still needed a detailed, step-by-step approach to draw anime boy’s tilted face, check out this detailed Kirito tutorial by  markcrilley. It is a long, no-timelapse video of him drawing Kirito from Sword Art Online with a slightly tilted face. First, he draws two parallel lines and drawing one slanted line between them. He traces a circle from the slanted line to the edge of the top parallel line.

And a half an almond from the lower line to the slanted line. Then, he draws Kirito’s eyes on the slanted lines. Using this form, the artist creates rest of Kirto’s face and upper body and adds detailing to it.

Drawing Goku!

Most of us have begun our anime journeys with Dragon Ball Z. Needless to say, Goku remains one of our most cherished anime boys. And although his spiky hair and ruffled costume might make him seem difficult to draw. Yair Sasson Art has put up a detailed video for drawing Goku.

He begins with the grid methods and proceeds to fill the details, so even if you are a complete beginner. You will be able to create your Goku with a decent finish if you follow this tutorial! 

Drawing Half-and-a-Half Anime Boys

Half-and-a-Half anime boys are in vogue. When you draw your favorite anime boy, you can overlap it with another one of your anime boys. And bring out two anime boys in the same frame beautifully. Artist @alty_artz has done this to Sasuke and NarutoThey first divide their paper into two halves using a scale and then begins drawing Sasuke and Naruto parallelly on both sides of it.

Pro tip: Draw the facial features of both the characters one-by-one. So if you are drawing Sasuke’s eyes, draw Naruto’s eyes next and proceed in a similar way with all the remaining features. 

There!  Those were our 10 different ways to draw anime boys. Do you see the anime boy of your imaginations materializing through one or more of these drawings?

Let us know how they look in the comment’s section below!  

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