Summer 2021 was a fairly good season. On one hand, we had a high-expectation sequel like TenSura season 2, a high-expectation adaptation like Tokyo revengers and on the other hand, we had complete surprises like The Case Study of Vanitas. Most anime delivered what was expected of them some did better and some did worse.

So here we are, looking at the 5 worst anime of summer 2021. Now before we even start, I’d like to clear one thing out that there is still some fun to be had from watching these anime. Only some anime were utter torture for me, I had some fun from at least 2 anime on the list.

With that said come, hear me rant.

The Detective is Already Dead - Worst Anime

I’m starting off with something I had fun watching. Before anyone crucifies me for saying this anime, let me make one thing clear I love Siesta. She’s a great character. The thing is though; the anime adaptation was really bad. Some people don’t like the core plot points of this anime but, I am willing to forgive those points. The anime really messed up the order of incidents and character introductions.

When I wrote this anime’s review, I gave it a 7 but then the last 3 episodes happened and I checked the manga out. And wow, I am dropping my rating for The Detective is already dead to 5 now. It does not lower purely because of Siesta.

Peach Boy Riverside - Worst Anime

Again, we have a bad but still enjoyable anime. Peach Boy Riverside’s selling point is edginess but most of its charm is lost due to the shuffled episode order. You will wander through most of the series confused about what’s happening. Sure, it sometimes serves as a great cliffhanger generator but the anime loses its charm in the process.

Peach Boy Riverside is an anime that has a lot of problems and is yet enjoyable somehow. But the episode order shuffling though, it sucks a lot of enjoyment out of this anime. It gets worse in the later episodes.

Fena: The Pirate Princess -

We are officially entering mildly torturous territory now. I don’t know what was I expecting out of Fena but, I mean the plot seemed fun for a slice of life/adventure anime. It was really bad though, even for original anime standards. By the way, my original anime standards have been quite high since Vivy came out.

Watching this anime is like you showed someone some really good food and then they refused to eat and then go and chew on some cheap snacks. Fena could have had so much fun with the plot and the setting yet it refuses to do so. Instead, it chooses to not have fun and gives an utterly shallow support cast. Seriously, this could have been so much better.

Seirei Gensouki Worst Anime from summer 2021

Still, in the mildly torturous territory, we have Seirei Gensouki. I know, at this point we all don’t expect much from an isekai anime. Still, Seirei Gensouki had some potential which ended up being wasted. Multiple things were different in this anime as compared to a standard isekai. Like there was a whole group of people who were isekai’d not just the protagonist.

I liked the protagonist, Rio’s character in the beginning but it later started deteriorating. Most problems of this anime can be ruled up to a bad adaptation once again. The anime was barely touching the light novel at times. It feels like the people who made this anime just skimmed through the source material not bothering to read it in detail.

Higurashi no Naku koro ni – Sotsu

Stepping fully into the torturous territory, we have the new Higurashi. I was an idiot to even expect some redemption out of Sotsu after forcing myself to watch Gou. God, it’s bad. Why does new Higurashi even exist? Even the plot idea for the new Higurashi is stupid as hell; they should have just rebooted the old Higurashi instead of doing whatever the hell this is.

Like the plot was not bad enough, the new Higurashi has terrible CGI. The anime has stiff and needlessly bright animations. These animations take the juice and impact out of all the horror and serious scenes. It’s bad to the point that those scenes look just hilarious at times.


That is all for now. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below. What was the anime from this season that made you pull your hair out? With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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