Manga shows and comics have been part of the youth culture in Japan and worldwide for many years. However, one popular hobby that more people are taking up is manga drawing.

Whether you are just drawing as a pastime or as a full-time hobby, there is a lot to learn about manga drawings. You may have seen how professional manga artists create the perfect manga drawings.

These characters are often unique and may be used in popular anime series. So how do you get started drawing manga?

While looking at a professional artist might discourage you somewhat, drawing manga is easier than it seems. Most artists have practiced for years, but everyone started where you are now. There’s no reason to get discouraged. One way to master manga drawings is to learn from manga drawing tutorials.

Here are some of the best manga drawing tutorials that you will love

1. Drawing Manga: The basics

No one starts as a professional artist, which is why you should first learn the basics. It includes basic anatomy, how to draw manga faces, etc. This manga tutorial will guide you through the basics of manga drawing.

It will also give you valuable tips on how to improve your drawing skills. One of the best things about manga drawings is that it is quite fun, so enjoy the learning process. If you are a beginner looking for a starting point, then this tutorial is just for you.

2. Learn to draw manga faces from different angles

Simply learning how to draw manga characters is not enough. It’s important that you learn how to draw faces from different angles. This skills is quite  useful as it helps bring variation in your drawings.

If you already know how to draw a basic Manga face, then you can improve your drawings with this skill. This tutorial will give you a detailed explanation on how to draw the same  face from different angles. Once you master this skill, you are already well on your way to perfecting your manga art.

3. Manga hairstyle tutorial

If you’ve watched a manga drawing tutorial from a professional manga artist, then you’ve probably noticed the hairstyle. Manga characters often have elaborate hairstyles, which is what makes them unique.

While hairstyles are the most difficult aspect of manga drawings, they are also the most fun. This manga hairstyle tutorial gives you a detailed explanation on how to draw different hairstyles on your characters.

4. Draw a popular manga character

Most beginner manga tutorials teach you how to draw the most basic manga characters. However, if you want to take your skills to the next level, then practice drawing popular manga characters.

This manga tutorial will guide you on how to draw popular manga characters. While it is for artists with some experience, you can learn from this tutorial even if you are a beginner.


5. Complete manga drawing tutorial

Most popular manga tutorials are easy to understand  and help you practice while watching. This is one such tutorial. Whether it is your first time drawing manga, or you are looking for new professional tips, this tutorial is for you.

It guides you on the basics of manga drawings and gives you valuable tips on how to improve your drawings. If you are looking for a tutorial that is easy to understand, then this is the one.

What do you like about these manga drawing tutorials? Were they helpful in giving you new drawing tips? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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