Manga art has evolved over the years, and its popularity has increased significantly. If you are a fan of manga, you’ve probably heard of it through a popular manga series. Many professional manga artists have created unique characters.

These are great examples of how manga art can stand out for its uniqueness and creativity. Suppose you like to watch manga or draw manga characters, then it’s best to study some of the popular manga characters. It will help you develop a better understanding of how to create unique manga characters.

If you are a beginner artist, then these characters may be a little challenging to copy. However, you can still learn a lot from how these professional artists use their creativity in their drawings. Here are some of the best Manga art masterpieces that take things to the next level:

Obito from Naruto by arthurrphil

Obito from Naruto by arthurrphil - Manga Art

Obito is one of the most famous manga characters. Known as Tobi, he is a character from the popular series β€˜Naruto.’ Obito is designed in the character of a Ninja, which is what makes him unique.

He also has some of the best facial features, including scars on his face and eye. By simply looking at this character, you can marvel at the detail involved in its design.

Senju from Tokyo Revengers by Zaikwoo Manga Art

Suppose you want to learn how to draw the proper contrast in anime characters, the look at the design of Senju. Senju is a popular manga character from the series Tokyo Revengers.

The character design of Senju. With blue-colored hair and a light brown shade, the shades involved in creating this character are simply unique. One of the key features that make Senju stand out is its bright blue eyes.

Rengoku from Demon slayer by mughii_art - Manga Art

If you are familiar with the popular series Demon Slayer, then you may know about Rengoku. It is one of the most famous characters with a simple design. Beginner anime artists often look to copy Rengoku because of the overall simple design.

However, the unique color combination and clothing on this character is something that makes it stand out. If you are an anime enthusiast, then the drawing of Rengoku will undoubtedly interest you.

Hinata from Haikyuu

If you want to learn all about manga character design, then look at Hinata from Haikyuu. It is one of the best manga characters ever designed, thanks to its simplicity. Many professional anime artists will recommend studying this character.

With a simple facial design and perfect dimensions, this character is the ideal manga drawing. Whether you are a beginner artist or already have experience drawing anime, Hinata is appreciated.

Mikima from Chainsaw Man by (Emily)

Mikima from Chainsaw Man by milito3

What separates modern manga from other types of anime drawings is the attention to detail. Makima is a character that takes manga drawing to the next level. With a dark-themed design, this character is unique.

Many anime enthusiasts often admire the hairstyle of Makima. While you may have difficulty drawing the character, it is still one of the best manga characters that you ever created.

While many of these characters are part of popular series, they were all created by anime artists. If you are looking to start drawing anime, you can look at some of these drawing tutorials. First, master the basics and then get started with more complex character design.

What are your favorite manga characters? Did you try drawing some of them? Let us know what your experience is with manga drawing. We are always interested in hearing your thoughts.

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