Are you a beginner looking for ideas to start your anime journey? Then, take a sneak peek here and learn some easy anime drawing hacks to get you started!

For many of us, hearing an anime series or looking at a picture of anime characters makes us nostalgic. We all wish to return to that world of fantasy of our childhood, watching anime.

But, as it is not possible in reality. You can turn towards your notebook and draw some of your favorite characters.

You might be thinking to yourself, how could I draw anime characters when I don’t even draw at all? Well, there’s no reason to worry because we are giving you five easy drawing ideas for beginner anime artists.

Our Guide will show you step by step how to begin and progress your way to drawing your favorite characters


Drawing the basic anatomy

Always start small and make sure you get comfortable with a pencil in your hand. Also, get comfortable drawing simple shapes on paper.

Then, use the practice of confidently drawing shapes to begin sketching the face for your character. A sketch is always essential, especially when you are getting started.

Outline the face and then add simple facial features such as eyes, ears, nose, and eyebrows. Use horizontal and vertical lines on your sketches.

It helps to know where to position certain body features such as the eyes, mouth, shoulders, etc. Draw this over and over again until you get comfortable.

Learn to draw an anime face

It is an essential part of your progress as you don’t go with complicated techniques right away. Always start small. Familiarize your hand with the pencil to grip it comfortably.

Use simple shapes in your drawings. Start with easy drawing ideas like circles and lines and draw these until you are comfortable drawing them.
It will build your confidence while drawing shapes. This is the first most crucial component of an anime face drawing.

Make sure to practice freehand and without any help from tools. The angles and directions of the face are critical and need to be learned over time.

Choose and draw a hairstyle

Most people find this part confusing and frustrating because they do not know how to draw a proper hairstyle. To start, you need to find the right spot on the forehead where to begin the hair.

Knowing where the hair needs to cover is a critical first step. Next, you can experiment with simple lines to create exciting effects and unique styles.

For example, use long horizontal lines with smaller zig-zags to develop an easy drawing design. Start with these basic designs and then slowly move on to more significant challenges.

Drawing the eyes

The eyes on anime characters are probably the most unique and distinctive features that separate it from other cartoons. Many people try to overdo the eyes and end up with a strange-looking drawing more than anything. The first thing that you need to know is the difference between male and female eyes.

Male eyes, as well as female eyes, have their characteristics. Female eyes are usually rounder and smaller depending on the character and vice versa. Stick to basic shapes and then slowly progress from there.

Draw your favorite character

Choose which character you wish to draw and then study it in detail. For example, which facial features does he or she have? Which angle or direction is the face in etc.

Then once you’ve done this, start your drawing with a sketch and keep it simple. Use all the techniques that you’ve learned to break it down and start drawing step by step.

Do you find this guide helpful? Does it provide what you were looking for? Share your thoughts about the guide and let us know if it’s useful. You can also suggest or recommended some basic anime ideas of your own to help our anime community improve their drawing skills.

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