5 Anime Villains We Just Can’t Hate

Animes are extremely good at giving us villains that we hate with every cell of our body. The best example I can think of is Makoto from School Days. Yet at the same time, some anime villains are so cool or logically sound that we just cannot bring ourselves to hate them.

Here are 5 such examples of anime villains. I will link the MyAnimeList page for a more detailed plot summary of the anime. So let’s get started with the list,

1. Stain from My Hero Academia

Light spoilers from MHA are coming. Skip this entry if you don’t want to read them. Now, there was this supposedly random Villain in MHA called Hero – killer Stain. He had way more of an impact than anyone could imagine at the beginning of his arc. Unlike the villains we had seen so far in the series or mainly the League of Villains who are just unlikeable people,

Stain had his own ideology and a good reason for killing Heroes and he even spared people who he believed to be “true” heroes in his eyes. He even saved Midoriya’s life from a Nomu. Many villains try to follow in his footsteps but they do not even understand what Stain was fighting for. You cannot bring yourself to hate him because his ideology and reason for fighting are actually good. Stain is actually a good villain character.

2. Gilgamesh from Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night

Gilgamesh is one of the most famous and strongest characters of Fate/Series and for good reason. Everything from his body language to the way he speaks is just amazing and you know it is very difficult to try to stop yourself from imitating him.

He really speaks like you would expect a king to speak. While he is a bad guy through and through, his style is just so epic that you cannot hate him. Even the way he fights reflects his arrogant nature. He just stands in one place and shoots weapons from his treasury at the enemy.

When he deems the enemy worthy, he pulls out his strongest weapon, The Sword of Rupture, Ea. One blast from Ea and everything is over. He is really well voice acted too making his dialogues and the way he says “Zasshu” (mongrel) even more charismatic.

3. DIO from JoJo Part 1 and Part 3

If you don’t know, Dio in Italian means “God”. It pretty much sums up the character of Dio Brando. He was at first a normal kid who had a grudge against Jonathan and his family turns completely crazy by part 3 and becomes obsessed with eliminating the Joestar bloodline. He had further plans after that but destroying the Joestars was his biggest objective.

DIO in part 3 is so awesome that many of the male characters become gay by literally just standing near him and hearing him speak. He is a vampire and a tasteful one at that. If you observe carefully, he only drinks the blood of young women.

He is just so awesome, that you literally cannot hate him. His and Jotaro’s fight to this day remains one of the best ones of all time. Then there is Dio’s voice that makes everything sound more awesome. I mean his voice is just iconic at this point.

Gilgamesh - Anime Villains

~ Gilgamesh❤️?

4. Sosuke Aizen from Bleach

Honestly, I could have put any Shonen anime villain anyone would feel sympathetic with here but, Aizen takes the cake here. He is honestly better than most Shonen villains he is bad extremely so and you hate him but, you cannot deny that he is a freaking genius and he is so cool!

He literally depressed and broke the fighting will of so many people just by speaking to them. To top it all off, his ability allows him to create perfect illusions. This ability combined with his intellect is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

Make no mistake though when it comes to fighting, he is equally strong. He was literally able to fight off 9 captain class soul reapers + the Vizards all on his own. His spiritual pressure is so strong that weak hollows just die by even coming close to him. He is a total badass even though he is the villain.

5. Light Yagami from Death Note

Now if you consider Light a hero or a villain is up to you but, his deeds are definitely villainous. I mean I do agree what he was trying to do was good and all but, he dreamed of becoming a god and he considered every human being other than himself nothing more than a tool. In the end, it was this arrogance that leads to his fall.

Even after all this though, one cannot help but somewhat agree with Light’s principles. In all of the series we are stuck between whose side to pick Light or L but after episode 25, we all want Light to win even though what he is doing is completely wrong and N and M to lose even though what they were doing was right.

Final Words

So that is my list. I really would have liked to add Attack on Titan characters on this list but, the point at which the story is at right now, all the boundaries between hero and villain, good and evil are completely blurred so I did not touch it.

Let me know down in the comments what you thought about these anime villains. Do not forget to check more of my articles and the awesome art section of our website. With this, I will take my leave. See ya!!

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